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 New age of Horror

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PostSubject: New age of Horror   New age of Horror EmptySat Mar 03, 2012 3:21 pm

AS a big fan of horror movies, I would be a fool to say modern horror is as good as it was before my time (say, the 80's). But thats not to say this decade is completely void of quality scares. What are some good modern horror movies you would recommend?

Here are some I would recommend to horror lovers who might be doubting the new age of the genre;

The Tunnel - Okay, I generally HATE Australian movies, but I have to recommend everyone see's this. Its yet another 'documentary' style horror movie, but the general premise is actually quite original and the scares and genuine. Very good low-budget flick from the land down udner.

Midnight Meat Train - Clive Barker is my favourite artist/author, so that might have something to do with my love of this movie, but Bradley Cooper is awesome as the New York photographer obsessed with the Vinnie Jones-played man of mystery who traverses the subway in the twilight hours for new victims for his sick crimes. Note: you will not understand what is actually going by the end of the movie without having read the short story by Barker.

Red State - okay, its more like a thriller than a horror, but this is a great film nonetheless, and it comes as a surprise from comedy legend and STE favourite Kevin Smith (Clerks, Dogma etc). It shows a very mortifying depiction of religion fanatics taking thier beliefs a little too far on thier rural farmland. Chilling performances all round.

Insidious - another aussie-bred movie, Insidious is an effort from original Saw team James Wan and Leigh Whannell, who once again channel their inner twisted minds and come up with another completely original take on the genre. Very haunting stuff which later becomes visually astonoshing material very worth a watch from anyone wanting something a little different.

Does anyone know of any other good horror films they could recommend the community or myself? Give us a run down as to why its a watcher, too Smile
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New age of Horror
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